A soft cotton t-shirt, rippling in the wind, bright against a tanned body (mine). I bought it in Canada in the summer.

In remembrance of that shirt, I chose the same color as background for omnipresent “next” and “previous” buttons on a website I designed while interning at a small design studio. Like a real magazine, you could easily go back and forward . . . to something. There would be no dead ends on this website. When the last article would end, it would be onto the first of the next issue. When you reached the oldest issue, you would loop back to the present. You couldn’t miss those buttons. They were guides. Always at your disposal, they ensured content everlasting.

The most sublime moments of my life have been those in renewal. Only after do I realize it started by going away, by disappearing for a while, by running up mountains and reading in the sun at the top. The grass is always greener on another planet.

An index lived not far away from the buttons. Each item was a country. How to make animations of flags loop perfectly? How to let flags triumphantly wave like a black stallion cantering in slow motion on a tropical beach? But they should also be glossy and wet, glowing like porcelain? Animated gifs never break. We exported into the morning.

Five years on the internet is long. Will I be nostalgic for this year in 2020? Hopefully by then I will be wearing custom contacts with the words “life is short” on the upper iris and “art is long” on the lower.



Websafe lets writers ruminate on a specific web-specific color. I chose #00ffcc. Read the piece on Websafe here.

As Laurel Schwulst.