A Shelf

A shelf (formerly known as a rail) is a horizontal line that goes far as the browser window can see. To accompany the finite horizontality of a browser window, a shelf has left and right arrows. Above the horizontal line are products; the shelf keeps them from falling to the ground. Products on shelves are generated by a script. When the products run out, the shelf simply loops: the horizon is forever. Shelves commonly inhabit the homepage or the end of any other page, giving a quick yet infinite preview of what is to come.

A Table

A table is a rectangle of finite size and variable color. Its width is greater than its height, with an aspect ratio of 4 to 3. On top of a table lay anywhere from one to thirty products, all face up. The products may overlap each other. Their position and z-index is determined by their author. All tables appear in the Tables directory but can be positioned individually anywhere on the site. Additionally, they can be embedded offsite, acting as Printed Matter missionaries and thus bringing outsiders into the fold.

A Window

A window is a single view and portal. It is usually a rectangle of finite size. It can contain an image, video, or short text.

Printed Matter Display Types


Internal writing on the three main types of content available on Printed Matter's website.

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